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Microcontrollers for your Haunted House


New Projects:

Particle Argon IoT

These are great little Arduino based controllers. They are Wifi connected and can be programmed over the internet with Particle's Web IDE. Particle has several different boards available, the Proton, Argon and the Boron. They had a Xenon which used a Bluetooth based mesh network. Particle has decided to discontinue this board.
These boards work with a whole range IoT services. You can trigger them over the internet using your cell phone. There is a service provided by twilio which can text you when an event happens. Overall they are pretty cool little devices.

The Fool's Quarter

I get to play with these wonderful little toys thanks to a good friend having a vision of starting a haunted house over a decade ago. I greatly enjoy the experience of learning how to make them do what I need for them to do. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it takes weeks of looking at something to get it right.

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Arduino Halloween Prop Controller Box

Arduino with Shields I make these boxes for Milburn's Haunted House. They are a universal box to control the props. They have an Arduino controller, sound card and amplifer. With a push of the button it'll activate lights, solenoids, or motors. It'll play a selection of sound files synced to the show.

I'll post details shortly.

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